Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Understanding the "U" in you.

      In a different dimension, many must've come across this topic from different preachers, teachers, counselors e.t.c but have you looked into it in a different view?            In understanding the "U" in you, these are the  three(3) basic question which you have to ask yourself.
1. Why You?
2. What about Others?
3. Who am I?

             Now judging from your answers to these three(3) questions, it's obvious that the real "U" in you can be derived from you. Often, so many people who were born to be great do fail because of lack of personal decision and determination.
Everyone of us was born to be great. Janet Layen said; "Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important". You are whom you are for a purpose and you are what God said you should be because so many have failed to achieve their aim and goal due to lack of understanding who they are. You are made of great fortune, born to make meanings and to be an example to others.
             Knowing the " U" in you is as simple as knowing what God has deposited in you, what you possess, your capability and ability to create a world of your own. Life has not been fair to you because you haven't upgraded your mind to the level of knowing what or who you are and having believe that you can make it happen.      John Mason said; "we all have creativity in us, it's part of our design. In understanding the " U" in you, the word "FEAR" must be dealt with, very port chisel to carve out your tomorrows. If you are looking at your future from a position of fear, I want you to know that view is inaccurate and desorted. You are the one to decide if the "U" in you will manifest.    Don't let your fear steal from you and prevent you from pursuing your dream.

Yes, with no doubt it must be you, no one else if not you. There is a potential which is the "U" in you which is also why millions pave their way just to be who they are. God's purpose in your life can not be wasted for the manifestation of the "U" (potential) that God has deposited in you. Have you ever asked yourself this question; WHY WILL IT BE YOU? which is why you keep living your life like you're a stranger to yourself. It still has to be you, no one was born to be a failure because knowing the "U' in you unvails the qualities you possess.
             The creativity in you and how to maximize your potential is all in you because you are the image of God and the breath he passed into you makes you the " U" you are today. It's you because it's only you that has the ability to decide on if you'll put your destiny to work, you can also become what you are destined to be by remaining who you are. Do not fear changes because it's the unchangeable law of increase. Therefore, It is you because it's only you that can create the new ideas which can sustain you tomorrow and whether you succeed or fail, it's all in you.
         Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything because no one will decide for "u" in you except only yourself and that is the most essential reason while it must be you.

2. WHAT ABOUT OTHERS ?     You don't need the opinion of others in knowing the "U" in you,because in as much as others have a powerful and great role to play in your life, by being understandable, don't be equally yoke with others and try to be different. Aren't most of the discontented people you know trying to be something, they are not or trying to do something they are not suppose to do? Resolve to be yourself.
           The only depth you owe to others is to emulate from you not the other way round. My mother always say to me back then ; "son always be the you God has destined you to be not what he has destined for others. I.e  everyone has his destiny to follow. You can't become great by imitations, because imitation is limitation .so don't be a copy of something. Make your own impression not living by others.
3. WHO AM I ?
This question has helped many people from failure and it's one of the questions I love asking myself all the time am in a state of jeopardy. Understanding who you are is very essential because it makes you appear different, while some ask themselves this questions without receiving an answer to it. Starting from the biblical aspect of it, I will tell you who you are in the scripture ;
   (1) you are a little god. Gen 1:26 -30 ; you are God's image because he created you through and his own image. Today a lot of people do not know what they possess inside of them and who they are,that's why they are still in the limitation. In other to widen your perception, over this verse, you should know that God had made everything only by Himself, and He saw that everything he created was fine and good, He said; "let's make man in our own image" which signifies His like. We do quote and read this particular chapter without knowing the exact meaning of whom "He" was addressing to.
          When God made man in His own image without breath, He gave man His breath which is the spirit of God in the life of men that passes all understanding. There is an understanding in you as long as you're animated. A son is entitled to his father's name, You are the son of your father, You are a little god.  In understanding this, you will now know that there is a "U" in you that passes all understanding which you need in creating your own world. I AM that I AM is His name and for God being superior, He made it possible for you to be born superior. Which is why when you are being asked of your name, e.g "I AM ONYII SAMUEL JASPER", that " I AM signifies God first in you.
            You are the "U" in you, one who is born of the spirit is spirit and He that is born of flesh is flesh. When you possess this spirit of understanding (spirit of God), you will be able to understand everything you ought to and how to maximize your potential(God purpose) for you; Flesh is canal and a canal mind is a devilish mind, nothing good comes from nothing ; know who you are, walk with the "U" in you, understand yourself and you will excel in all you do.

Saturday, 2 July 2016


1.Maximizing your potential
2.Understanding your vision
3.Achieving your goals/vision's
4.Understanding your dream's 
5.Empowering the youth for now exploits
6.Making men for greater exploits
8.Advertising your carrier's via network

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The secret of success (part II)

    It is with some hesitation that we bring ourselves to write this little book, entitled “The Secret of Success.” Not that we are not in sympathy with the subject – not that we do not believe that there is a “Secret of Success” – but because there has been so much written on the subject of “Success” that is the veriest twaddle – masses of platitudinous wordiness – that we hesitate to take the position of a teacher of Success. It is so easy to fill pages of paper with good advice – it is so much easier to say things than to do them – so much easier to formulate a code of precepts than to get out into the field of active endeavor and put into practice the same percepts. And, you may imagine why we hesitate to assume a role which would lay us open to the suspicion of being one of the “do as I tell you, and not as I do” teachers of the Art of Success.

     But there is another side of the question. There is, besides the mere recital of a List of Good Qualities Leading to Success – a list with which every schoolboy and reader of the magazines is acquainted – a Something Else; and that Something Else, is a suggestion that the Seeker for Success has a Something Within himself which if expressed into activity and action will prove of great value to him – a veritable Secret of Success, instead of a code of rules. And, so we propose to devote this little book to unfolding our idea of what this Something Within is, and what it will do for one who will unfold it and thus express it into action. So, therefore, do not expect to find this book a “Complete Compendium of Rules Conducive to Success, Approved of and Formulated by the Successful Men of the World who became acquainted with these Rules only after they had Attained Success, and consequently had Time and Inclination to Preach to Others.” This is not a book of that sort. It is Quite Different. We hope you will like it – it will do you good in any event.

     All people are striving and seeking Success. Their idea of Success may differ, but they have all agreed upon the desirability of Attainment. “Attainment”-that is the word, which embodies the essence of that which we call Success. It is the “Getting-There” idea – the idea of Attainment – of Reaching the Goal for which we set out. That is the story – Attainment.

     Many men and women have endeavored to point out the way to Success, and while some have rendered valuable service to those who were following them on the Path of Attainment, yet none have been able to tell the whole story of Success. And this is not to be wondered about, for the reason that on the road to Success each and every individual must be, in a measure a law unto himself, or herself. No two temperaments are exactly alike – Nature delights in variety; no two sets of circumstances are precisely the same – infinite variety manifests here also. And so it would be folly to attempt to lay down rules of universal application, which would surely lead all to the great goal of Success. One has but to look at the all sides and the different needs of the different individuals composing the crowd, in order to recognize the futility of any attempt to lay down lines of universal instruction on this subject. Each and every man who has succeeded has done so in a different way – generally along some original lines of action – in fact, the faculty or characteristic known as Individuality, seems to have played an important part in the success of the majority of persons who have attained it. And Individuality renders those possessing it to a marked degree to be likely to depart from any set of rules or laid-out courses of action. And so, it may be stated as a general principle that each must work out his own Success along the lines of his own Individuality, rather than by following any set rule or line of conduct.

In view of what we have just said, it may seem strange that feeling as we do we have ventured to write a little book entitled “The Secret of Success,” –particularly as we have started the said book by declaring the impossibility of laying down any set rules on the subject. This may seem like a paradox, but a little examination will show you that it is not so. It is true that we believe that each and every person must work out his own Success, along the lines of his own Individuality, instead of along some cut-and-dried plan. And right here is where the “Secret of Success” comes in. “Along the lines of his own individuality,” we have just said – then it must follow that one must possess Individuality before he may work along its “lines. “And in the measure that he possesses Individuality, so will he possess the first prerequisite to Success. And that is what we mean by “The Secret of Success” – INDIVIDUALITY.

Every person possesses dormant and latent Individuality – but only a few allow it to express itself. The majority of us are like human sheep trotting along complacently after some self- assertive bellwether, whose tinkling bell serves to guide our footsteps. We have absorbed the notion somehow that these bellwethers possess the sum and substance of human knowledge and power, and ability to think – and instead of unfolding our own dormant powers, and latent possibilities, we allow them to remain in obscurity, and we trot along, jogitty-joggity-jog after our pet bellwether. People are very much like sheep in this way – they are obedient and imitative animals, and rather than assume the responsibility of directing their own footsteps, they wait until someone takes the lead, and then away they stampede after him. Is it any wonder that the leaders claim the choicest pickings for themselves, and allow the flock to get only the scrubby grass? Not a bit of it – they have earned the choice bits by reason of lock of Individuality and Initiative on the part of those following them – in fact, they were chosen as leaders because of this self-assertive, and self-directive quality. If they had stood back in a modest, mild manner, they would have been pushed aside by the flock that would disclaim them as leaders, in favor of others who knew how to push to the front.

   Now, in this little book we shall not endeavor to awaken a spirit of “bellwetherism” in you, nor to urge you to strive to lead the flock – there is nothing in the mere leading of people other than vainglory and petty self-satisfaction. The desirable thing is to possess sufficient Individuality and Initiative to be your own bellwether – to be a law unto yourself, so far as other men are concerned. The great men – the strong men – care nothing for the flock, which so obediently trots along after them. They derive no satisfaction from this thing, which pleases only inferior minds, and gratifies only petty natures and ambitions. The big men – the great spirits of all ages – have derived more satisfaction from that inward conviction of strength and ability which they felt unfolding into activity within themselves, than in the plaudits of the mob, or in the servility of those imitative creatures who sought to follow in their footsteps.

   And, this thing called Individuality is a real thing. Inherent in each of us, and which may be developed and brought into activity in each one of us if we go about it right. Individuality is the expression of our Self – that Self which is what we mean when we say “I”. Each of us is an Individual – an “I” – differing from every other “I” in the universe, so far as personal expression is concerned. And in the measure that we express and unfold the powers of that “I”, so are we great, strong and successful. We all “have it in us” – it depends upon us to get it out into Expression. And, this Individual Expression lies at the heart of the “Secret of Success”. And that is why we use the term – and that is what we shall tell you about in this little book. It will pay for you to learn this “Secret”.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

The journey to success.( PART.1)

The road to success is a very lonely road,  it is not a journey with friends and relatives but It's only you with your shadow on it. Once you get there, many people will like to be your friend. Have this in mind' "many will also hate you because your success is a higher spotlight shining on their future. Be courageous when embarking on the journey to success, it's not meant for cowards but the brave.  Start your journey to success with a reason, when you feel the Thorn's and heat on the road to this  journey, just remember the reasons why you started. We all traveled on a journey via one reason or the other,  your reasons on this journey to success gives you courage to the end. No one wish to make his journey half way and unaccomplished, to every end of a journey there's often the outcome.  Luttur Ash said; " success is a journey not a destination, the doing is more important than the outcome". How you start on the journey to success guarantee the outcome, the beginning of everything often affect the end. Get prepared and reject absent minded, rather focus on the outcome of it. No one travel's on a far distance journey without learning many things on his way. Only fools get sleep while travelling on a journey to success, reject sleep while travlling. The wise alwayz travel with pen and books writing down every of their new experience on their way. Always have in mind that we all have experience to share to others on how we made it. Get moving. John C. Maxwell'  said in one of his teachings,  "one of the major key  to success is to keep moving forward on the journey, the best of the detains and interruptions, turning adversity into advantage. Have this in your mind " starting the journey to success, always concentrate on the outcome and pretty soon you will get there. Believe in yourself, don't underestimate your ability to accomplish your journey to success. Determination is also needful, having in mind that is not an easy road.  Bo. Benett; quote,  excuse becomes on the journey to success when it is made in a place of your best effort or when it is used as the object of the blame.  Don't  forget it's personal,  not everybody will understand your journey, that's fine. It's not their journey to make sense of, it's yours. The journey to success Begin's with a single step, just make a move and stop dreaming of starting it. Make a move of faith,  you will not know how to do it until you begin to do it. Believing that once your in it that your already there. Avoid contemplation  on the journey to success. Be sure of getting there.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Think as you like but behave like other

If you make a show of going against the times, flaunting your unconventional ideas and unorthodox ways, people will think that you only want attention and that you look down upon them. They will find a way to punish you for making them feel inferior. It is far better to blend in and nurture the common touch. Share your originality only with tolerant friends and those who are sure to appreciate your uniqueness.

The leaders of tomorrow

    Children are the future hope of the tomorrow in our society, whatever you want them to become tomorrow depends on what we impact in them, Pretty soon you will see them growing up with it. Our words towards our children matters most. Make use of your words carefully with them even while in their means. Their attitude depends on what they learnt from us. Children are very sensitive and calculative in nature, be careful with your attitude towards them. NOTE : whatever seed you sow in them will soon grow and we will eat the fruit their in whether positive or negative. Not everything they demands from us we give them. We must try our best to give them better life which they deserve from us. The environment we lives in contributes a lot in the upbringing of our children, watch the group of friends they keep at home even at school. Make out time to visit them at school; it is very important to their upbringing, concentrate most with the Look at their face and body speach especially when they are back from school. Ask them questions about what their teachers teaches  them also what they learnt from their school each day they return from school. Be very close to them and learn to associate with them, listen carefully to the words that comes out from their mouth, via their words you could be able to dictate what lies in their heart:positive/negative. Inside their heart Lie's a great thought. Children are the leaders of tomorrow, lets give them the best we can.  A good parents  always proud of their children likewise good children are always proud of their parents. Never regret sending your children to a good and better school, teach them at home what they couldn't learn at school and see the differents between them and other children. A child with a put more effort comment from the teacher in his result needs an excellent result. Children are sweet only when they are brought up in a good way. They are like a seed's, when you plant them on a fertile land,sooner or later you will eat the good food from them.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Dream fetchers

   Get caught dreaming. It's never too late for you to start thinking more creatively. Often is  just a lack of imagination that keeps a person from his potential. Thinking of new ideas is like shaving: if you don't do it every day, you are a bum. Ask God to give you a flow of new exciting and powerful ideas in your life. Constantly frustrate tradition with your creativity and imagination. "Ideas are like rabits. You get a couple and learn to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen" (anonymous). You will get more out of every part of your life if you stay incurably curious. Since it doesn't cost a dime, to dream, you will never short-change yourself when you stretch your imagination". Creativity is built into every one of us; it's part of our design. Each of us lives less of the life intended for us when we choose not to use the creative powers we possess.. @JOHN MASON of Why ask Why.